Quilt Categories

The categories for 2013 are:


Large Pieced

Single maker and perimeter measures at least 280".

Small Pieced

Single maker and perimeter measures between 96" and 280".

Two-Person Large

Any quilt made and quilted by two people. Perimeter must be at least 280".

Two-Person Small

Any quilt made and quilted by two people. Perimeter measures between 96" and 280".


Single maker. All sizes.

New! Appliqué Duo

Appliquéd quilt made by two people. All sizes.


Single maker and perimeter measures no more than 96".

Mixed Techniques

Single maker. May be traditional or contemporary design that includes a combination of techniques such as piecing, appliqué, trapunto, embroidery, stenciling, painting, etc. May be any size.

Innovative Design

Single maker . Must be entrant's own creative design reflecting innovative construction, techniques, theme and/or materials. May be traditional or contemporary.  May be any size.

New! Other

Includes quilts that use one special technique in the design of the top such as computer-aided machine embroidery, whole cloth, crazy quilts and cathedral window. Perimeter measures more than 96".


Any quilt made by more than two people.


"Friendship" theme, see Challenge GuidelinesOpen only to participating guild members.

Exhibit Only

Any quilt you wish to display without being judged.